The largest non-round balloon sculpture in the world

The largest non-round balloon sculpture in the world

1-5 June 2000
Mol, Belgium

Attack of the 50 Foot Soccer players

The World Record Balloon Sculpture was a success. We used
40,781 non-round balloons with no framing, line, glue, or for that matter
anything outside of inflated latex balloons. A total of 43 people worked
on this project in a variety of ways. Construction of the sculpture took
over 640 man hours.

The sculpture stood 25 feet (7.6 meters) tall and was about 80 feet wide.
Each of the soccer players was approximately 40 feet (12 meters) tall.

World Record Sculpture on a poster
View a 5 minute movie detailing the construction of the sculpture.

What’s next for the designers?

We’re ready now to do something even more dramatic than before. We’ve
decided to combine our skills with those of a balloon pilot. Balloon
artististry plus a balloon pilot results in the first manned flight in a
balloon sculpture. The date and location are set. All we need now are
a few more sponsors. Find out about our flying balloon project and
how you can help.

Project leaders/designers

Larry Moss, USA
Royal Sorell, USA

The crew

Team members that worked more than 50 hours each

These people helped, not only in building the sculpture, but in teaching all
of the others that came by to help for shorter periods of time.

Silvie Arraou, France;
Bidou, France;
Olivier DeLaporte, France;
Norman Monley, Belgium;
Sylvain Rollet, France;
Hans Siemons, Holland;
Patty Sorell, USA;
Arthur Tivoli, France;

Team members that worked less than 50 hours, but were critical to the

Patrick Brown, USA

Patrick would have done more had he been in Belgium sooner. His expert
help with rigging made it possible to actually show off all of the work we
had done.

Other contributors

Atchoum, Spain;
Django, Belgium;
Ken Ahrens, USA;
Sheena Beaverson, USA;
Markli Berthold, Switzerland;
Debby Bright-Brown, USA;
Margie Christensen, Denmark;
Ralph Dewey, USA;
Danielle Dickson, Canada;
Yves Gillis, Belgium;
Rose-Marie Guillot, France;
Elizabeth Hansen, Denmark;
Wouter Jonck, Belgium;
Sabina Kellner, Austria;
Jan Lissens, Belgium;
Shirley De Man, Belgium;
Adrien Menard, France;
Todd Neufeld, USA;
Diane Orrett, Japan;
John Perry, USA;
Johnna Perry, USA;
Sean Rooney, Canada;
Michele Rothstein, USA;
Ton Siemons, Holland;
Amber Stillman, USA;
Eric Stillman, USA;
Ken Stillman, USA;
S Frank Stringham, USA;
Koos Van Balen, Holland;
Gerard Van Den Biggelaar, Holland;
Mark Verge, Canada;
Leo Verlinden, Belgium;
Johan Wijns, Belgium;

(Apologies to anyone that may have accidently been left out of this


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