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Guinness World Record Balloon Sculpture

Photos from Day 4

IMG_0531.JPG IMG_0532.JPG IMG_0533.JPG IMG_0534.JPG IMG_0535.JPG IMG_0536.JPG IMG_0537.JPG IMG_0538.JPG IMG_0539.JPG IMG_0540.JPG IMG_0541.JPG IMG_0542.JPG IMG_0543.JPG IMG_0544.JPG IMG_0545.JPG IMG_0546.JPG IMG_0547.JPG IMG_0548.JPG IMG_0549.JPG IMG_0550.JPG IMG_0551.JPG IMG_0552.JPG IMG_0553.JPG IMG_0554.JPG IMG_0555.JPG IMG_0556.JPG IMG_0557.JPG IMG_0558.JPG IMG_0559.JPG IMG_0560.JPG
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