My Other Car is a Honda

My Other Car is a Honda Balloon Car

Entry # Driver Name Car Name Mass
Distance Traveled
Running Time
2 17 Michael Shibata My Other Car is a Honda 32 11 10 4 6.67 8.91


Balloon car designer Michael Shibata writes:

  • Design approach taken – explain how it worked.

    I set forth to achieve and believe accomplished an entirely minimalist
    approach to balloon car design…minimal cost, minimal car and minimal risk
    to the designer (I did not put my name on my car).

  • Unique or clever features embodied

    State of the Art advanced polymer widget purchased at Chief Auto allows two
    balloons to be connected to one thruster jet.

  • Materials of construction (mention unique parts you used or fabricated)

    Fast food hamburger container.

  • Reasons behind any significant design choices you had to make

    Duct tape was added for structural reinforcement to earlier pre-race frame

  • Lessons learned (what you’d do differently next time)

    Eat at a different fast food restaurant.

  • Anything else you’d like to add

    You get what you pay for.

MB 1/9/99