The Little Kitty bracelet

Dave Bigelow

The bracelet that I’m going to show you how to make today is based on a famous little cat from Japan. I came up with the idea after learning how to make Don Caldwell’s Little Wrist Friends. You might notice that I made this inside my car.that’s my California earthquake story.we had to evacuate the building just as I was getting ready to write this article.

To start, you’ll need a red 260, a white 260, and a white 5″ heart. Inflate both 260s about 10-12 inches and then softly inflate the white heart.I usually stop when the lobes start to show.

image image

Using the red 260, create a 1″ pinch twist, followed by another 1″ pinch twist. Squeeze the balloon, make a 3 bubble, and follow with two more 1″ pinch twists. Squeeze the balloon again; create another 3″bubble, and then wrap it around the opposite pinch twists. Cut the tip of the balloon to deflate it, and the wrap it around the pinch twists on the other side, forming a little strap.

image image

Now take the white 260 and create three 1″ pinch twists in succession. Create an elbow by squeezing the balloon about 1″ past the last pinch twist. Advance another inch, and then wrap the white 260 around the two pinch twists on the red 260. This is the first arm.

image image image

Now squeeze the air out of the white balloon until you reach the other end of the red 260. Again, wrap the white balloon around the pinch twists on the red 260. Advance another inch and create another elbow twist, and then another inch to create three more pinch twists. You now have the arms and body.

image image

Create another small pinch twist at the knot end of the white heart. You want this pinch twist to be small because it needs to go in between the two red bubble twists. Insert the heart in the middle of the red base.

image image

To complete the bracelet, I add a ribbon the eyes and a nose. You’ll notice that I drew a red nose here instead of the traditional yellow one. Most kids never notice, and it saves you from having to buy the 20-pack of sharpies just to get one in yellow.