Classic Love Birds in a Heart

Feb 18, 2023

Classic Love Birds in a Heart

by Ralph Dewey

This month the Balloon HQ challenge is love or dove birds.

Two love birds in a heart are one of the classic designs that have been around for many years. I’m not sure who first came up with it, but it sure has proven to be popular. Of course there are always new twisters who haven’t seen it and would like to know how to make it. It only takes one red #260 (the heart) and one white #260 (the love birds) plus a black marking pen like the Sanford Sharpie.

The Heart

I’ll not explain how to make the red #260 heart because it has already appeared in one of my previous BHQ column. Specifically Balloon Tidbits from December, 2001.

Making the Love Birds

I make the love birds from a white #260 balloon. Fully inflate the balloon except for 4 inches and then tie off the nozzle. Twist off three 4″ bubbles. The first bubble will be the tail of bird #1. Twist-connect the last two bubbles. Twist off another 4″ bubble then roll it through bubbles #2 and #3 to make the body of bird #1.

image image image image

Twist off two 1-1/2″ bubbles (the head of bird #1 and bird #2) and two 4″ bubbles. Twist-connect the 4″ bubbles. Twist off another 4″ bubble and roll it through the other two bubbles to complete the body of bird #2.

image image image image

The remaining bubble is the tail of bird #2. If it is too long, shorten it and tie it off. Twist-connect the tails of bird #1 and #2 together. If one bird looks bigger, I consider it to be the male and arrange the longer tail to go with him. Curve both tails slightly. Mark the eyes as shown. The eye lashes go with the female love bird. Use a balloon marker to make the eyes and feathers as shown below.

image image

With the love birds completed, place their tails over the bottom of the red heart and twist-connect them in place.

image image image


When making the two bird heads, after twisting off their bubbles I often let the twist between them unravel and then make the second bird. I do this because it is awkward to hold all of the bubbles. Then after completing bird #2, I go back and reestablish the twist between the heads. If this works out better for you, then do it.

Kissing Swans

If you make two white identical swans, you can make them kiss. Or at least bump heads. Take the first bubble from each swan and twist-connect them and them poke them back inside. It makes for a great wedding centerpiece because their necks form a heart shape.

image image image