Assassin’s Sword

by Ralph Dewey

The Balloon HQ challenge this month is a sword. It can be any style that you want.

I stumbled across a sword similar to this design in the jam room at a convention. I never did find out who the creator was so I can’t give them their proper credit. I modified it and added a skull to make it an assassin’s sword. It only takes two pencil balloons, so it would be great for restaurant work.


Inflate a white or silver #260 fully except for about 3/4″ and tie off the nozzle. Twist off a tiny 1/2″ bubble (the mouth of the skull) and a 2″ bubble (the upper head of the skull). Pull the knot to the end of the 2″ bubble and twist or tie it there. Set the balloon aside.

Image Image


Inflate a black #260 fully except for about 4″ and tie off the nozzle. Twist off two 1″ bubbles and ear twist (pinch twist) them. Twist off a 9″ bubble and fold twist it into a loop. Insert the white balloon into the 9″ loop to about 5″ from the skull bubbles.

Image Image Image Image Image

On the black handle, twist off a 1″ bubble and a 9″ bubble. Twist off two 1″ bubbles and ear twist them. Attach the two ear twist bubbles behind the skull on the white balloon. Discard the excess balloon.

Image Image

Bend the 9″ handle bubble near the last two ear twists to shape the handle. On the white balloon, twist off



Measuring from the handle, twist off approximately a 13″ bubble and a 5″ bubble on the white balloon. Attach the nipple end of the white balloon to the first two 1″ ear twists on the black handle. Curve the 13″ bubble and the 5″ bubble as shown.

Image Image

Decorate the face of the skull to complete the Assassin’s Sword.