Snare Drum

by Ralph Dewey

Have you been wondering what to make out of the 16″ Geo donut balloons?
Here is an idea for a snare drum that is fairly easy to create. You will
need several #260 balloons, a #160 Spaghetti Balloon and a 16″ Geo donut.
One suggestion is to use the metallic silver or gold colors to make the
rims look more realistic.

Begin by making the rims of the snare drum. From a #260 balloon make a
series of 8 bubbles each being 5-inches long. Tie the bubbles end to end
to form a ring. Take another #260 balloon and make another ring exactly
the same way.

Insert Photo Here: (Snare Drum 1)

The vertical rim supports are 5-inch bubbles with 1-inch ear twists on
both ends. Make 8 of them. Try to make them all exactly the same length.
Twist-connect all of the vertical supports to the two rings.

Inflate the 16″ Geo donut while it is inside of the rim assembly and tie
off the nozzle.

You can make a waist strap (belt) from a #260. Inflate the #260 to the
length that will encircle your waist. Tie the ends together and
twist-connect it at one of the 1-inch ear twists on the top rim. If you
are a full-figured twister, you might need to splice two #260 balloons
together to get enough to make the waist strap.

The drumsticks are two 12-inch bubbles made from a #160 balloon.

Pro Tip: (Flat Balloons) Suppose that you don’t want the hole
showing through the Geo donut. As might be the case for the snare drum or
if you want to make a large balloon coin. There is a way to do it.
Insert the 16″ Geo donut inside of a large (about 25″ or so) round
balloon. Have access to both nozzles. Inflate a little air into the
round balloon. Now start inflating the Geo donut. Once the Geo gets
fully inflated, Tie off the nozzle of the Geo. Now squeeze the sides of
the round balloon to burp out the excess air between the two balloons.
Then tie off the round balloon. This will give you a flat shaped balloon
with no hole showing in the middle. The accompanying photo shows the same
technique done to a 6-inch Geo Blossom inside of a 9-inch round balloon.
This also might be a way to get the color Geo blossom or donut that you
need assuming that you don’t need the hole.