Feb 16, 2023


by Daniel McCullough

This parrot is made using the hook twist technique.


1. Start by inflating a scrap white 160 so that you have a 2 inch beak and tie it to a scrap black 160 so that you leave roughly another 1.5 – 2 inch of the balloon. Then inflate a 260 leaving some uninflated and position the conjoining knot of the 160.s over the 260 nozzle.

2. Create a hook twist for the head and then hold it whilst you create a 5 inch body bubble, then a pinch twist and then a slightly longer bubble which is twisted around the neck joint. Deflate the rest of the balloon.

3. Inflate the black 160 and push the air up to the top and make a very soft 2 inch bubble which is the twisted into the neck joint. You could tie the remainder of the 160 to the 260 end section.

4. Inflate a scrap white 260 and twist two 1 – 1.5 inch bubbles and tie them together. Then cut off any remaining balloon.

5. Place the eyes into the head behind the soft black 160.

Image Image Image Image Image

6. Make some feet using a grey 160 and twist them around the 260 pinch twist.

7. Inflate a yellow 160 leaving it soft and then twist the nozzle around the 260 pinch twist.

8. Make two soft bubbles slightly longer than the body and twist them around the neck joint and back to the pinch twist to create the first wing bubbles.

9. Inflate a green 160 leaving it slightly soft and create the second wing bubbles making them longer than the yellow bubbles.

10. Softly inflate a blue 160 (to match the colour of the 260 body) and position it under the 260 pinch twist.

Image Image Image Image Image

11. Make two long bubbles and twist the second back into the 260 pinch twist to create a tail.

12. Make the last two wing bubbles even longer than the previous ones, being sure that they curve around and under the pinch twist.

Image Image Image Image