Single 646Q Head

by Daniel McCullough

This is a single 646Q version of my Tall, Thin Heads column.

You will need 1x 646Q, 1x 350Q, 1x 260Q (all in the same color) plus 160’s for the hair, 3 or 4 raisin-twists, and a 5 inch round for the eyes.

needed balloons

  1. Stretch the 646Q and then tie the end of the 350 tightly around the centre of the 646Q.
  2. Cut off the nipple half of the 646Q as closely to the knot as you can and then drop the raisins into it.
  3. Make sure that the raisins are in the centre of the 646Q.
  4. Stretch and then reverse inflate the knotted 646Q (half way) to stretch the knotted end and then release the air. Step 1  Step 2  Step 3  Step 4
  5. Push the knotted balloons inside the other 646Q section so that the raisins remain central and in-between the two 646Q sections.
  6. Reverse inflate the inner 646Q section to the desired head size and then tie the balloon.
  7. Inflate the 350Q to create the neck. Then use the technique from the previous column (see above link) to position the raisins. Step 5  Step 6  Step 7
  8. Create your desired head. Step 8

Below are some examples made by others (using two 646Qs) at a recent workshop that I led.

646Q Head Variations