Dustin’s Quick and Simple Thomas the Tank Engine

by Dustin Queary

Image This sculpture uses

  • 1 clear 260
  • 1 black 260
  • 1 light blue 260
  • 1 ivory or white 5′ Round
Image You start by marriage twisting the clear 260 and the black 260 together. Leave about a 4-6 inch tail on the black 260.

Secure the marriage twist about 1 inch down the black balloon.

Make a series of small bubbles with the clear balloon.

Image Then you take the 5′ round and inflate it almost all the way but make it soft.

You don’t need much of a tail on the light blue 260. Attach the light blue 260 and the 5′ round with two pinch twists.

Image Wrap the light blue 260 around the 5′ round and lock it into the two pinch twists.
Then make a bubble a little longer than hands length. Add in two pinch twists. Cut off any excess beyond those two pinch twists.
Image Go back to the black 260 from before. Make a two inch bubble after the marriage twist. Then make a pinch twist.

Pull the black 260 in between the 5′ round and the light blue loop.

Image Adjust it so that it looks like this.
Image Then make a bubble about hands length or 7 inches. Make a pinch twist.

Then make a 4-5 inch bubble and secure it in between the two pinch twists at the end of the blue balloon.

Image Make a series of three bubbles, each a little longer than two inches.

Attach them at the front two pinch twists under the 5′ round.

Come around to the other side and do the same size bubbles to the end of the train. Then cut off the excess if you have any.

Image Now you should have something that looks like this.

All that’s left now is drawing on it. You can draw on it however you like I usually draw either of these two faces depending how much time I have. The second one looks a lot more like Thomas the Tank Engine.

Image Image Thanks for checking this out. Hope you feel it was worth your time. If you had trouble with the directions you can get better instructions on My DVD, “Squeaks Like Teen Spirit: Vol. 2”.