Pirate/Arabian Sword

Gene Tamashiro

Aloha Fellow Twister’s. Create this cool new sword at your next “Pirate Theme” party and let the battle begin! Death to those “one- balloon’ swords! Ha Ha Ha…. Ooops, I mean… Arrrrr Matey. Enjoy!

Balloons Needed:

1 – 260 Gray or Silver
1 – 260 Black or any color of choice (I’m using Blue)

1. Fully inflate Gray balloon. Inflate Blue balloon about half way and tie the two nozzle ends together.


2. With the Blue balloon, make a 1-1/2″ bubble pinch twist, then make another 1-1/2″ bubble pinch twist.


3. Soften (by squeezing slightly the area of the balloon) about 5″ of the Blue balloon and comfortably wrap around the Gray balloon about 6-1/2″ from the tip and connect it to the two pinch twists. Position as shown.


4. With the Blue balloon, make a 7-1/2″ bubble and with the Gray, make a 1-1/2″ bubble at the tip. Connect it at the two points. With the Blue balloon, make two 1-1/2″ pinch twists (Same as #2) and discard the rest of the balloon.

image image image

5. Now the fun part, By keeping the Gray balloon straight (by laying the two sides next to each other, find the middle and shape the tip of the sword by squeezing the air out and letting go.(Kinda like when you create the indent for the heart)

image image

6. To make the second indent, on the back side of the sword (Longer portion of Gray balloon) measure about 4″ from the tip and do the same thing like you did for the tip. Try and keep the balloon straight when making the second indent.

image image