Instructions for Rabbit

Feb 23, 2023


By Hans Siemons

I just loved Simon the Rabbit from Alberto Falcone, CBA featured
in Balloon Magic the magazine issue 24. Feature I liked best was using a 5″ round for
cheeks. I’ve started playing with that idea and came up with this variation. Using a
5″ round is a great alternative for using the “standard” loop twists for
cheeks. I hope this rabbit will be of use to you for easter! Comments and suggestions?
Send them to and happy easter
to you all!
Balloons needed : 1 5″ round white; 1 5″ round hot rose; 1
5″ round black;
1 6″ heart white;
1 160q white;
4 260q white.
Inflate a white 260q leaving a short tail. 2
bubbles, locked together with the nozzle form one foot.
Like this.
Followed up by a small loop twist.
Break of remainder. Don’t let the air go out of the
remainder. Tie that off.
And with the remainder make the 2nd foot.
Underinflate the white 6″ heart.
Twist of a small bubble from one of the lobes.
Lock one foot onto the small bubble.
Like this.
Another bubble from the other lobe.
And lock foot 2 into place.
Underinflate a white 5″ round to about 4
Split in half.
A bubble, pinch twist, and another bubble make the
top of the head. Locktwisted using the nozzle.
Follow up by 2 more bubbles for the nose.
Lock the white 5″ round into place.
At the back make a little pinch twist. It’s not
needed to stabilize things but it just looks neater.
Under inflate the hot rose 5″ round.
Split in half and locked in place on top of the nose
part makes the eyes. Googley eyes would also work great on this sculpture.
Underinflate a black 5″ round for the tip of
the nose. And make 2 little bubbles from the white 160q for teeth.
The tip of the nose is attached to, surprise
surprise, the tip of the nose. Just wrap the nozzle through the locktwist a few times and
it will stay.
The teeth are connected to the same point.
Inflate the tip of a red 260q for a tongue.
And lock it in place. The tongue is not just an
extra, it also cleans up an otherwise ugly spot.
Make a figure 8 from a fully inflated white 260Q for
using as ears.
Shape them by squeezing and bending them.
Lock the ears in place at the pinch twist on top of
the head.
Twist of a bubble for the neck at the bottom of the
head and deflate the remainder. Tie off.
For the arms and hands blow up a white 260q leaving
a short tail. The hands are 2 bubbles locked into place using the nozzle.
Followed up by 2 pinch twists.
Twist of a bubble for one arm, followed by a
stabilizer pinch twist and another arm.
Make a hand exactly like you did the first one and
cut of any remainder.
Tie the head onto the nozzle of the 6″ heart.
Put the arms in place. Draw on eyes and voila.
There’s your rabbit!