Instructions for Wearables

Feb 23, 2023

Wearables part II
Big isn’t always better. Big hats catch a lot of wind, and let’s face it, balloon hats are not the most comfortable thing to wear.
Lately I am trying to add stuff to people’s own hats, and come as far as adding flowers. Most hats out there offer connection points, and
you can add small subtle colorful things to them. Your comments are more then
welcome at
Balloons needed : 1 260q wintergreen; 1 260q hot rose; 1 260q neon purple; 1 260q neon yellow; 1 260q neon rose; 1 260q neon green.

inflate the hot rose and wintergreen 260q and tie the nozzles together. Make a string of 6 soft bubbles in each and lock the 2 together.

Interlock every other 2 bubbles making sort of a crossweave.
Deflate the remainders of both balloons and tie the ends together.
Make a Z(igzag) en twist everything together making a small little 2 color flower.
Like this.
Inflate the end of the hot rose 260q and tie it off and cut off the remainder.
Do the same with the wintergreen one, but don’t cut off the remainder this time.
Make another small bubble.
The hot rose is now marriage twisted together with the green “antenna” inside the 2nd bubble of the wintergreen balloon.
Like this.
Wrap it around the little flower.
I used a peace of left over balloon to be able to attach things to this hat.
Like this.
The hat can further be decorated with lots of small flowers. All small flowers do fine and make a very cool colorful sight!
Like this. If you need to attach things stronger, you can wrap it around the first flower.
Things like fruit would look pretty ok too I think. Anything that moves around while walking
and that is colorful looks great for me!