Instructions for Link-O-Loon twisting ideas

Feb 23, 2023

Link-O-Loon twisting ideas.

by Hans Siemons

The link-O-Loon is a decorater balloon. But the tail and long neck make it a special round balloon
that has interesting features for twisters. This figure utilizes the extra features of the link-o-loon balloon.
I made it as a private challenge to me to twist a figure from Link-O-Loons only.
And it sort of looked like homer, changing the colors made it the sculpture you see now.
Now this isn’t the best homer look-a-like figure out there, but the fact that it’s made entirely out of link-o-loons makes it interesting.
There is a lot more you can do with them. Comments and new ideas are more then welcome
Balloons needed : 1 mini link-o-loon white;
1 mini link-o-loon yellow;
2 mini link-o-loon blue;
2 mini link-o-loon red.

Inflate red link-o-loon. Do not inflate the neck. Be very careful with trying to not
damage the neck.

Inflate the neck of the red link-o-loon.
We are going to put air in the tail. It’s best to stretch that tail first then.
Push on the balloon, forcing the air into the tail.
While still pushing, twist the tail so the air keeps inside the tail.
Push the tail again, forcing the air to the end, and twist a small bubble. After that create a loop twist.
Like this.
From the top bubble, create a pinch twist.
Repeat this for the 2nd red balloon and twist them together at the pinch twists.
Inflate the 2 blue link-o-loons. Do not inflate the neck.
Push the air in the tail and twist off.
Like this.
Repeat for 2nd blue link-o-loon.
And lock tails together.
Tie nozzles of blue link-o-loon’s together.
While pushing the air towards the end, twist of a very small, and 2 slightly larger bubbles
at the end of tail. Locktwist them forming a hand. Repeat this for the 2nd
blue link-o-loon.
Underinflate the yellow link-o-loon. The neck also gets inflated and the knot
has to be as close to the nozzle as possible.
Push the air inside the tail.
Lock yellow tail between the the blue tails.
While pushing the air to the yellow tail, twist of 2 bubbles in the yellow link-o-loon.
Pinch twist the middle bubble.
Underinflate the white link-o-loon, and tie both the nozzle and the tail.
Twist this in half. Because you tied the tail this is easier.
Insert eyes under the yellow pinch twist so that they stick out at the back of the head.
Tie nozzle and tail together.
Push white to the front of the head between the nose (pinch twist) and the top of the head.
Make sure the top of the head points upwards.
Insert the red pinch twists between the blue nozzles and lock them.
Push the yellow tail inbetween the blue link-o-loons.
Draw on features and there he is.
A 2nd type of head you could make out of link-o-loons. Idea from Dennis Hogers.
It’s one blue 5″ link-o-loon. Tail filled, Bubble twisted of the round and pinch twisted.
Wiggle eyes pushed between the nose and the pinch twist.
If you tie a serie of link-o-loons together you basicly have a string
of bubbles. You can twist that string of bubbles like Royal Sorell did for this poodle.
This pika pocket monster parody is also made from mini link-o-loons only.