Instructions for Clown head

Feb 23, 2023

Clown head
By Hans Siemons
I heard qualatex is discontinueing it’s 418 and 524 airships. And
that is a shame, several cool things can be made with them. I use them as support balloons
This little clown head uses 2 418 airships, and when I do a
body on it I often use a 524 airship. The nose of this clown shows one of the special
things that airships can be used for.
The columns I wrote and will write are chapters of my “Twisted Mind”
balloon instructional CD which will premiere at TJam 2001. I hope to see you all there,
and don’t forget to bring your airships šŸ˜‰
Editor’s note:
Other companies currently make airships in the same or similar sizes. For
those fans of Qualatex balloons that don’t want the Qualatex airships to go
away, all is not lost. An announcement of a replacement for the
discontinued balloons is expected.
BalloonsĀ neededĀ : 1 6″ heart pink;
2 260Q mandarin orange;
1 418Q airship red; 1 418Q airship blue;
1 5″ round white;
Fill a red 418Q airship with air, don’t inflate,
just fill and tie to a partly infoated mandarin orange 260Q.
Make 10 small bubbles in the mandarin orange 260Q
and tie the other end of the 418Q after the last bubble. Tie it about halfway.
Like this.
Make a pinch twist where you left off.
And make 10 more small bubbles.
Lock the 2 rows together every 2 bubbles.
And finish off with another pinch twist. Deflate
remaineder of mandarin orange 260Q and tie off. Cut off all loose ends. This will be the
hair and the mouth.
Underinflate a 6″ pink heart.
Inflate the tip of a blue 418Q.
Twist of a bubble for those nose from the 6″
heart. And lock it by tying a little peace of scrap around the twist. It’s not really
needed because the twist will get locked by the eyes but I find it works easier.
Insert the nose bubble inside the blue 418Q.
Deflate the blue 418Q.
And cut off part of the blue 418Q. What remains is a
peace of blue skin around the nose which gives you a blue nose.
Eyes are an uninflated white 5″ round twisted
in half. They are locked around the nose.
Like this.
Top hair is a mandarin orange 260Q that is
art-twisted to the top of the head. You can use a raisin twist too if you prefer.
Hair is a 3 bubble birdbody with a pinch twist on
the front.
The hair and the mouth you made earlier is pressure
fitted around the 6″ heart. Draw on pupils and you’re done.