Dog face

By Hans Siemons

I am running out of ideas on alternative peaces of latex to twist
with. I tried twisting latex hot water bags but that was not the best idea of the year 😉
Condoms you can use as extra wide 350’s and stuff mini sculptures inside them.
this month a normal sculpture, a mask that covers the face. It can be changed into a lot
of animals by changing the ears and mouth.
So here comes a Woof woof. A doggy, who in the balloon world hasn’t made a
doggy. This mask will turn your audience into a dog!  Pointing the ears upwards and
replacing the mouth with an 11″ heart will change it into a cow mask. Comments, as
usual are more then welcome at
Balloons needed : 1 260Q white; 1 260Q onyx black;
2 350Q coconut brown; 1 350Q white; 1 350Q diamond clear; 1 350Q ruby red;
1 160Q ruby red.
Make 2 balls from the 260Q
black as pupils for the dog eyes.
Inflate the diamond clear 350Q from the end.
Insert the 2 balls.
Like this.
Pop outter bubble.
Inflate diamond clear 350Q again, make 2 bubbles,
each containing one ball, and tie bubbles together.
Inflate the white 260Q leaving a short tail. Make a
pinch twist at the knot end.
Loop it to fit around a persons head. If you make it
fairly large and squeeze the back together it will be an “one size fits all”
Push the pinch twist between the top of the eyes.
Make a small loop from the ruby red 160Q.
Inflate the ruby red 350Q from the back a little
longer then the 160Q loop.
Push the loop inside the 350Q.
Like this.
Pop outter bubble from
What you have now is a little wrinkled. Inflate 350Q
Get the 160Q loop inside the 350Q “free”,
and carefully deflate 350Q again, so the 350Q does not look wrinkled anymore.
You can see here it’s now become a flat shaped
balloon. This will be the tongue.
Inflate 350Q leaving a tail like this.
Tie white and the tongue you made together.
Insert between the bottem of the eyes.
Make 2 large bubbles to form the top of the mouth.
And lock together.
Add 2 pinch twists as the back.
Followed by a small bubble, a loop twist, and
another small bubble.
Make a large stand alone hooktwist from coconut
brown 350Q. I use a balloon straw to be able to do this fast and easy.
Repeat this with the 2nd coconut brown 350Q.
Lock them together.
And deflate and cut of the remainder.
From the tail of one of the 350Q make a bubble to
form the nose.
Insert the 2 stand alone hooktwists at the top of
the eyes.
Tie the nose the front.
And there you have a dogface!