Monkey in the Palmtree

Feb 23, 2023

Monkey in the palmtree

By Hans Siemons

This monkey in a palmtree from one balloon won 2nd prize at the
millennium jam 2001 in the small (one balloon) sculpture category! And I thought I would
share it here with you. More pictures from the millennium jam 2001 can be found right here
on BalloonHQ and on the millennium jam site!
Balloons needed : 1 160q pale blue
Inflate the blue 160q. Leave about a 6″ tail.
Make the knot as close to the nozzle as possible. Make a 1.5″ bubble followed by 2
3/4″ bubbles en a 1.5″ bubble again and lock them using the nozzle.
Repeat that again. This makes the leaves of the
Grab them all together and give it a couple of
twists, point all the small bubbles making your leaves curve down a little.
Like this.
Make a 4″ bubble followed by a pinch twist.
Make a small bubble and a loop that will fit around
the small bubble and the pinch twist.
Push the pinch twist and small bubble through the
Follow it up by a pinch twist which is the tail of
the monkey.
Make a 1″ bubble for the body.
For the arms, make a loop twist like shown on the
Make this loop as tight as possible.
Make a small bubble for the neck followed by 5
bubbles for the standard teddy bear head.
Make a bubble (chin) followed by 2 small pinch
twists for the mouth.
Make a small bubble followed by another pinch twist
for the eyes.
To make the eyes, split that last pinch twist in
twist of a small bubble and deflate the remainder of
the balloon and tie off.
Push the final bubble through the 5 bubble teddy
bear head.
And pinch twist bubble 2 and 4 of the teddy bear
head to make the ears.
Wrap the remainder of the balloon around the neck of
the teddy bear to clean it up.
Draw on eyes. A coin is stuck between the bottom
loop twist and the pinch twist there to make it stand on it’s own.