Feb 23, 2023


by Hans Siemons

Marke Verge introduced me to the fact that you there is more then just the ladybug
around the arm! He put bugs on shoes, shoulders etc. This funny little sculpture
is loved by kids because it moves when they move!
Aside: I’ll be at the millennium jam this coming week
and posting pictures during the event on www.millenniumjam.com
They will appear on BalloonHQ too as soon as possible! Any comments can be sent to
Balloons needed : 1 260q spring lilac; 1 260q mandarin orange.

Inflate the spring lilac 260q and make a small bubble, a longer bubble, a small bubble and a longer bubble again
and lock it together using the nozzle.

Deflate the remainder of the balloon by making a little hole at the end of the balloon. Don’t make a hole somewhere else. Do it at the end.
Wrap the end of the balloon to the end between the small and longer bubble.
Pinch twist both small bubbles. Make sure you catch the ends of the balloon while
making the pinch twists. It saves really tying it on.
Inflate the mandarin orange 260q so that it has 2 bubbles at both ends. Tie a knot in the middle.
Push the knot you just made between the 2 long bubbles in the spring lilac balloon.
And you can use the deflated peace of spring lilac 260q to wrap it over somebody’s shoe.
The bubbles on top will move a lot while walking and it looks like fun!
A more elabore one of 3 balloons. I used red white and blue here to represent the dutch flag.
Inflate a white 260Q and make 4 small bubbles, lock together with the nozzle.
Cut of the remainder, tie the 4 bubble loop off and make a bubble at the end of the remainder.
Repeat this for red and blue, and hold the three 4 bubble loops together.
Grab ‘m like you would make a six pedal flower and twist them a few times.
So you will end up with this little colored flower.
Tie the white, red and blue remainder together, leave a bit of a tail under the knot.
The bundle is then put in the middle of the flower.
Tie 2 peaces of balloon together to make a little loop. This loop you can use to put it on shoes.