Ideas with latex gloves

Feb 23, 2023

Ideas with latex gloves
by Hans Siemons
This monthy column are extracts of my upcoming instructional CD.
While the focus on the CD is on more normal figures using “balloons from the
bag” the ideas presented here are build with latex gloves. You can use the
transparant surgical gloves, but the gloves on these pictures are craft gloves from
Hygloss. You can have lots of fun with these latex gloves. Besides the obvious of using
them as hands, this section gives some ideas for the usage of these gloves. A glove is
also used for udders on a cow. Ideas and comments on this subject are more then welcome on
Balloons needed : Latex gloves and various
This is well known. Just inflate and draw features.
A wiggly eye set on the thumb.
Inflate a latex glove, and tulip twist the knot
inside the index finger. Use the index finger to tie around the knot and to lock it there.
Use that spot also to attach a 6″ white heart split in half for eyes. Draw on
features and done.
You can achieve the same by using just the glove.
Inflate, tulip twist the knot middle finger. Push air in index finger and release some air
so that you end up with a small soft bubble. pinch twist this bubble and split in half.
Lock/tie this secure using the middle finger.
Turn the glove inside out, and tie a knot at the
base of the thumb. On the rest of the fingers, create knots about halfway. Turn inside out
Blow up and you got feet.
4 gloves tied together on this coconut brown 350Q
stick makes a “palm”-tree. (from Ralph Dewey’s “Dewey’s Balloon
This basic animal has gloves for antlers. (from
Ralph Dewey’s “Dewey’s Balloon Anomalies”)
A well known rabbit. Turn inside out, tie knots in
pink, middle finger and thumb and turn inside out again.
Inflate and draw features for this rabbit.
Draw other features and you got this Pikatjuuh
parody head.
With a 2nd glove, turn inside out, tie the middle 3
fingers, turn inside out, inflate. The thumb and pink will be the feet. A yellow prestige
260 is used here (prestige yellow matches the glove yellow more) for arms and tail.
This fish uses a tied of index finger, ring finger
and pink. Turn inside out, inflate and draw features.