Oh-la-la! Lomey

Feb 19, 2023

Oh-la-la! Lomey

Jan Iiams, CBA

Jan Iiams Seminars, Inc.

Lomey dishes, pedestals and columns are like TinkerToys for the floral and balloon industry. You can build a huge variety of showcase designs using Lomey as the intrastructure and beautiful accents and elements to create the dressing that will entice your customers.

The three secrets to your success in the hands-on assembly of Lomey designs are:

  • Mechanically Sound – Lomey arrangements are designed to stay together all the way from your shop to the venue and look just as beautiful as when you first finished constructing it.
  • Strong Design – If it’s eye catching, everyone will notice. There’s no better way to formulate and build a beautiful design than to know the Principles and Elements of design as outlined in the Qualatex Balloon Network curriculum.
  • Easy to Transport – As you design, plan for the handling required to transport easily and safely.

The proper equipment makes your work more precise and your labor faster and easier so you can save money. I recommend Premium Balloon Accessories inflators which are perfect for creating professional balloon designs. They are cool, quiet, and a great value.

The tools you’ll want to use to assemble and design with Lomey include:

  • Lomey Adhesive, low temperature and hot glue guns, pan glue, wire snips, and a small saw.

Although you are missing the magic of a helium balloon that floats for most Lomey arrangements, air-filled balloons also lends new opportunity to explore the flexibility of design options. Lomey designer dishes, pedestals, columns, rim pads, and pedestal arm pads are just a few of the interchangeable pieces used in centerpieces. All Lomey designs have at least a few things in common, but you can easily achieve a variety of looks with the following applications…

  • A topiary design using a 12-balloon cluster must be sized precisely.
    Precision Air from Conwin, or a Dual Split Second Sizer will automatically size the balloons. The new Air Pro Inflator will inflate the balloons quickly and easily but you must size the balloons with a template like Conwin’s Grip Guide. This insures the topiary top is perfectly round and that the balloons fit closely together.
  • A daintyarrangement that spirals clear balloons with roses inside around the Lomey pedestal in progressive sizes is visually more interesting and pulls the eye from the base, up through the arrangement to the accent at the top of the Lomey pedestal.
  • A whimsical arrangement with a rose blossom inside a clear balloon creates a focal point with a touch of magic. Your customer may ask, “How did you do that?” Its simple– but we don’t let your customers know the secret.pre-stretch the balloon to make it easier to insert the blossom by hand. The Lomey is of most importance to build this type of design on, but visually is of least importance of weight within the design.
  • Columns in any size give you an opportunity to showcase special effects in your designs. Lights, garland, shred and more can be inserted in the column for enhanced visual worth in your centerpiece work.


** Interactive Candy Dispenser with Lomey Columns & Dish **

A few final Lomey tips…

  • Lomey designs can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.
  • Balance is extremely important. A large topiary top for instance with a skimpy base will be top heavy. Add a few well-placed elements at the bottom to balance the look.
  • Adding ribbon tendrils or placement of accents that lead the eye through the arrangement is necessary to add rhythm and motion to your Lomey design and to connect the most important elements together.
  • You’ll make more money with high-perceived value and labor saving Lomey designs.

Good Designing!
Jan Iiams, CBA
Jan Iiams Seminars, Inc.


** Recipe for Interactive Candy Dispenser:

  • 3 21″ Lomey Columns
  • 1 11″ Lomey Desginer Dish
  • 3 260Q latex
  • 3 5″ latex
  • Lomey Adhesive or Pan Glue
  • Glue Dots
  • Candy

With a small saw, cut a small square section from the base of each column to allow the candy to fall into the dish. With Lomey Adhesive or Pan Glue, secure the columns in the dish as shown with the openings facing out.

Remember, Lomey Adhesive is clear and very strong but takes 24 hours to set up. Pan Glue also adheres well and dries fast but usually has a slight color to the glue which is covered by the candy in the dish so that may not matter.

Air fill a 260Q about half full and tie off. Wrap the balloon around the base of the column slightly above the opening and tie it to itself. Curve the balloon upward around the column and twist the balloon at the lip of the column top. Snip the tip of the 260Q to release the air from section above the twist. Tie off and wrap the uninflated section around the top of the column and tie to itself.

Add candy to the dish first and then into the columns. Top with 5 inch air filled latex held in place with Glue Dots.

Viola! A self dispensing candy centerpiece that can be used over and over for maximum profit.

Additional resources: www.ConwinOnline.com * See the above described arrangements in Jan.s section of Conwin.s Design Gallery.



Jan Iiams, CBA is a popular international presenter of professional seminars for the balloon, gift and floral industry. If you are interested in having Jan speak at your event, please contact her at janiiams@kc.rr.com.