Deco Girl

Feb 16, 2023

Deco Girl

by Ian Lowe

What you need

  • 1 x 646Q Yellow
  • 1 x 11″ Dark Blue
  • 1 x 260Q Dark Blue
  • 1 x 260Q Yellow
  • 3 x 260Q Onyx Black
  • 1 x 260Q White
  • 2 x 260Q scraps
  • 1 x 160Q Grey
  • 1 x 5″ White
  • 2 x 5″ Onyx Black

How To

Reverse inflate 646Q Yellow to 15″ and tie a knot about 0.5″ below the inflated part. This is the head.

Fully inflate the 11″ Dark Blue then reduce to 5.5″. This is the body.

Tie to the 646Q. Trim excess 646Q.

Marriage twist these two balloons together, securing with a 260Q scrap.

Steps to create Minion

Inflate 260Q Onyx Black to 26″.

Make two 12″ loop twists with a pinch twist between them, for the shoes. Deflate remainder and tie.

Keep the tip of the Onyx Black for the eye.

Attach to the body with the scrap used to secure the marriage twist.

Steps to create Minion

Inflate the 5″ White to 3.5″, then let out a tiny bit more. I find 3.5″ just too much but 3″ isn’t enough. Inflate the tip of the Onyx Black 260Q to 1″.

Marriage twist together, securing with the second scrap.

Steps to create Minion

Inflate the 160Q Grey leaving 3″ tail.

Make a pinch twist. Measure halfway around the eye, and make two pinch twists in the 160Q. Wrap the 160Q around the eye, finishing with another pinch twist which you wrap around the first one.

Wrap remainder around the head, and connect to the pinch twists on the other side of the eye. Wedge the eye in the 160Q Grey.

Steps to create Minion

Inflate a Yellow 260Q leaving 3″ uninflated.

Make two pinch twists in the centre. These are the arms.

Steps to create Minion

Wrap the arms into the gap where the head and body meet, positioning the pinch twists so they face each other.

Inflate the Dark Blue 260Q to 16″.

Twist in halves. Wrap the centre of the 260Q around the Yellow pinch twists. Loop the ends of the 260Q Dark Blue over the arms and tie in position. These are the braces, or straps.

Steps to create Minion

Inflate the two 5″ Onyx Black rounds to 3.5″.

Tie to the ends of the arms.

Inflate the 260Q Onyx Black to halfway.

Make three pinch twists. Detach from remainder. Tie, then make another three pinch twists in the remainder. Detach this. These are his cuffs.

Steps to create Minion

Twist each cuff into the tie point between the hands and arms.

Add art work for the mouth and hair.

Steps to create Minion