Pre-Stuff to Improve Your Line Work

Be My Valentine Scepter – 2 Minutes!

by Ken Shute

I am always asked for a faster way to get through my lines at events. Pre-stuffing increases my speed on line, and allows me to finally break out of the stereotypical “line” twisting items. Pre-stuffing my specialty balloons helps me become the twister I want to be rather than just the guy that does dogs, swords and flowers. I carry a number of pre-stuffed balloons for my Aliens, Jedi Light Sabers, Princess Wands and Tiaras.

I am asked for this around Valentines Day and throught the year with the I Love You Print for sweetheart birthdays and anniversaries and I think that this can be very dramatic when presented with a bit of flair.This design lends itself for more panash like adding a white 160 to spiral between the Rose and Pink when you are twisting at Restaurants and Parties!

Image Image Image Image
Start with a 5″ heart, 9″ Clear and 2 complimentary 260’s Stuff the 5″ Heart into the Clear 9″ Inflate the inside Heart
Image Image
Then the Clear Outer Balloon Inflate the two 260’s. Leave about a 1 1/2″ end
Image Image Image
Make three large pinch twists or small loops Combine and arrange alternating colors
Image Image Image Image
Spiral twist the remaining tails. Adjust as needed Attach the globe/heart to the scepter and you’re done!
Use Snowflakes Around for a snow globe effect! Image Image