Balloon Trees

Mar 11, 2023

Balloon Trees

Luc Bertrand, CBA

Last year we (me and the delegates) made these trees for the entrance of the Millenniumjam in Belgium. We made more or less the same for The Qualatex event in Poitiers (France).


I liked the trees a lot and would like to share the designs with you.

Here we used a a garland positioned on a structure (base and pole). The tree is totally made with 5-balloon clusters. Starting from the base with balloons inflated to 8′ followed by 6′ and continued with balloons inflated at 4.5′ (as high as desired).

We created roots with 260qs Rounds and 260qs were Qualatex Mocha Brown latex balloons. The rest of the tree is made in the same way as you will find below this article.

Image Image

In France we made them with a 646q base and hung them from the ceiling as you may see on these two pictures.

If you want to have the same feeling and fun we had last year, then come to Orleans (France) (Remember Joan of Arc?) March 18 till 20th.

Find more on European events on

We made most of the decor in the fundamentals class.

Below are the original designs(in French!) we used to make the trees. We had full ones and for this shape of building we had half ones. We built the upper part with one 646q coming down, then hung them up, made the base with another 646q and joined the two 646qs together trimming of the parts we did not need.

Of course that was finished with a cluster of 5′ balloons. The trees were finished with apples made out of bee bodies and glued in with dots.

Image Image Image

Go ahead try them out. They are fairly easy and quick to make and most of all, they are impressive. Find the inflation sizes next to the drawing. Or decrease for smaller trees.

Have fun.

Luc Bertrand Cba