How to Inflate a Balloon by Mouth

By Michael Floyd

There are two ways to blow up a balloon. You could use a pump or your lungs. I highly suggest you use a pump. Blowing up a balloon by mouth is very difficult.

Why are the thin balloons harder to blow up then the round balloons? Round balloons have an evenly displaced diameter. This means that as the balloon inflates its volume gets greater, thus the pressure is the same through out the balloon. Thin balloons, like pencils, have a much smaller diameter and length to it. This means that the volume is much less than a round balloon while its surface area is about the same. The result is that the pressure of a thin balloon is incredibly stronger.

So how do you over come its massive pressure? Is there a trick? The trick to inflating a balloon by mouth is blow really hard. Simple enough? Not really. It’s easier said then done.

But don’t give up hope, there are exercises you can do to help you inflate pencil balloons.

Breath in as deep as you can fast as you can and hold it for a few seconds. Exhale much as you can as fast as you can as hold it for a few seconds. Do this repeated for a few minutes or until you get light headed or dizzy. If you get dizzy or light headed your doing it right.

Try this a few times a day for a few weeks. If you can go longer and longer before you get light headed then your progressing nicely.

Another method is to start out blowing up larger balloons and work your way down. Try blowing up a 350Q and once you can blow it up easily move down to a 260Q. Who know you may also be able to work down to a 160Q. Kind of a twelve step program for balloons.

Michael Floyd