Turkey and Stuff…ing

Feb 18, 2023

Turkey and Stuff…ing

Michael Philo

Magical Balloon Michael

At about this time last year I shared with you a Turkey using a 5″ Round as the body, and this year I will share my Turkey Hat, along with a Bee using 6″ Hearts as wings and a Bunny Rabbit using a 5″ Round as the body.

Turkey Hat

2 Mocha Brown 350s
1 Orange 260
1 White 260
1 Mocha Brown 260
1 Red 428

Inflate one of the Mocha 350s leaving a 1″ tail and tie it in a loop. Split the loop into two equal bubbles. Inflate the other Mocha 350 leaving a 3″ tail and tie it to the knot of the first Mocha 350. Make a 5 to 6″ bubble and a 10″ bubble. Twist the 10″ bubble around the split so you have a Helmet Hat. Tie the rest of the tail into a loop.

Image ImageInflate the Orange 260 leaving a 6″ tail. Inflate the White 260 to about 8″ and tie it to the Orange 260. Wrap the knot around the knots in the 350s. Make a 6″ bubble in the White and wrap it to the top of the hat. Make another 6″ bubble and wrap it in at the knots. This makes the eyes. Make a 6″ bubble followed by a 4″ bubble in the Orange 260 and lock it back at the knots forming a beak. Make two 4″ loop twists to make his cheeks. Now it looks like a Bald Eagle.

ImageInflate the tip of the 428 for his gizzard. Tie this into the knots as high or as low as you want. This is a great hat just like this but I like to inflate a Mocha 260 and tie it to the top of the hat. Make a 4″ bubble and twist it into the knots. Make a loop around the eyes to complete the head.

ImageYou can use 1 260 instead of 2 350s I just like the 350 look.


1 Yellow 321
1 Jewel Lime 5″ Round
2 Clear 6″ Hearts
2 Black 160s

I got bored with the old 321 bee body and a 160 set of wings for a bee so I added eyes, feet and a better set of wings. Inflate the 321 leaving about 2″ before the black tip. Inflate the 5″ Jewel Lime to about 3″ tie and split it in two. Make a 1 to 2″ ear twist at the knot end of the 321 and wrap the 5″ round around it for eyes and a nose or mouth.

ImageCut the 160s into 4″ strips (with pratice you can do this with just one 160) and fully inflate them. Split one in half and wrap it around the eyes for antennas. Take one of the Black strips and find the middle, make two 1″ ear twist, this is where the wings will go. Twist the 321 about 1″ after the eyes and wrap the black 160 around it forming a stripe and legs. Repeat twice more minus the ear twist for stripes and legs.

Image ImageFully inflate both Clear or Black 6″ heats and tie them together and wrap the knots of the hearts around the two small ear twists in the first set of legs.

Image ImageFor a bigger bee check out my article at larocksmagic.com.


1 Grey 5″ Round
1 White 5″ Round
2 Grey 260s

I love the new Grey 5″ rounds so I decided I would share the Rabbit that I make with them. Inflate the Grey 5″ Round to about 4″ and tie off. Inflate one of the Grey 260s leaving a 4″ tail and tie it off. Make a 1″ ear twist and two 3″ bubbles. Make a 4″ bubble and roll it through the two 3″ bubbles for his muzzle. Inflate the white 5″ round to about 2″, tie and split it in half. Tuck it under the 4″ bubble as his eyes.

Image ImageMake two ears, I like 7″ but use your judgement. Make a neck (a 1″ bubble) and tie in the 5″ Round. If you have enough balloon left make two 3″ bubbles for his legs. Break and tie off any left over. If you dont have enough use the second 260. Inflate the second 260 or what’s left of the first 260 leaving about a 6″ tail. Make two 6″ bubbles and tie them together (back legs). Break off any leftover balloon. Make a bubble on the 5″ round for his tail and wrap it around the back legs. Tuck the front legs into his back legs like so. You may have to add a small ear twist at the neck/legs joint to keep his head up.

Image ImageThis looks great with a White 5″ round as well. You can also use a Betallatex Clown head for the body and tail.

Thanks for reading,
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Michael Philo
Magical Balloon Michael