Press Releases for July 2013

Feb 20, 2023

Press Releases for July 2013

U.S. Balloon: Balloon Decor Workshops

Full-day workshops taught by some of the industry’s top vendors

BROOKLYN, NY (June 28, 2013) U.S. Balloon, recently unveiled their 2013 Balloon School program, a series of educational workshops that will focus on creating air-filled designs, balloon sculptures and birthday dor. Workshops will begin this summer.

Michael Isaacs, CEO and President of U.S. Balloon said, “The popularity and demand for top-notch educational workshops have grown dramatically since the start of the helium shortage. As the largest balloon distributor, we feel we have a responsibility to meet customers’ needs for quality education.”

The Balloon School courses will vary in skill level, proving to be a learning experience for both beginners and experts. Classes will provide merchandising tips, instructions on creating air-filled designs, balloon sculptures, and wedding and birthday decor. Professionals from the nation’s top balloon vendors including Anagram, Qualatex, and Betallic will teach these workshops throughout the year. “The classes will give retailers, decorators, florists and party stores the tools they need to not only compete in a world with less helium, but to be successful at it too,” Isaacs said.

Attendees will be introduced to techniques and design creations that can be adapted to a variety of celebrations and occasions, and applicable to any balloon retailer. The full-day courses will be held in Staten Island, New York. For more information please visit Balloon School.

About U.S. Balloon

US Balloon Logo U.S. Balloon – The Balloon People is the largest nationwide wholesale balloon distributor. We offer thousands of balloon designs and related social expression products, as well as everything a balloon retailer needs to inflate, display and sell balloons. For more information please visit

2012 Cover Contest Winner was Tanya Joselowsky

Qualatex: “Balloon Images” The Very Best Cover Contest 2014

Be bold! Be brave! Find photos of your very best balloon work and send in your entries TODAY! Besides taking a chance to land your photo on the front cover, we use many of the submissions in other projects, including the Qualatex Calendar, Business Boosters, and throughout upcoming issues of the magazine. Your photo could even spark the need for an entire article.

The deadline for photo submissions is September 16, 2013. The winning photo will be featured on the cover of the Jan/Feb/Mar 2014 issue and will be seen by balloon professionals all over the world. E-mail your high-resolution (300 dpi) digital photos to: Send hard copies sized to 8″ x 10″ or CDs with hi-res images to:

Pioneer Balloon Company
ATTN: Balloon Images magazine
5000 E. 29th Street North
Wichita, KS 67220-2111 USA

2012 Cover Contest Winner: Tanya Joselowsky, CBA, of The Pop in Johannesburg, South Africa