Building Your Balloon Show

Here Comes Santa Claus

by Smarty Pants

In addition to performing my holiday edition of the Big Balloon Show, in December I do a lot of traditional balloon twisting at corporate holiday parties, store events and at my two weekly restaurant family nights. In keeping with the spirit of the season, I twist special holiday themed balloons throughout the month that I don’t make any other time during the year.

Here’s a great holiday balloon that’s quick enough for restaurant or even line work – I particularly like this one because your lucky balloon recipient now has a cute balloon centerpiece for their home.

You’ll need a bag of the amazing 5″ Santa prints from Continental Sales’ private reserve. Continental Sales offers an incredible line of exclusive balloons that only they carry – these are balloons your fellow twisters don’t have, and your customers will definitely notice that fact!

Step 1 – Inflate a black 6″ geo. If you don’t have black geos, use whatever color you might have.

Steps for Father Christmas

Step 2 – Inflate a red round – a 9″ or 12″ round works best. Make sure to underinflate the round.

Steps for Father Christmas

Then, clip off a bubble at the bottom of the balloon.

Steps for Father Christmas

Use a scrap to tie off the bubble so it doesn’t come undone.

Steps for Father Christmas

Step 3 – Wedge the red round’s bubble into the geo center hole.

Steps for Father Christmas

Step 4 – Inflate the Santa 5″ print and tie to the nozzle of the red round.

Steps for Father Christmas

Step 5 – Inflate a white 260. Use a pinch twist, then a loop twist to make Santa’s collar, then about a six inch bubble, then another pinch twist and loop twist to finish things off at the bottom.

Steps for Father Christmas

That’s it! For a decor piece, you can use some water in the geo to give it some added weight.

It’s a nice, quick and easy Santa that brings a lot of smiles for the holiday season. See you next year!

Check out Continental Sales’ entire line of private reserve balloons at

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