Hi-Float Balloon Treatment - increase the float time of your helium balloons
From: Chatta@aol.com
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 01:19:23 EST
To: balloondeco@fooledya.com
Subject: Re: balloondeco-d Digest V98 #340


Would you mind describing the PVC stuffing method. I am not familiar with any
methods of stuffing as yet, but I would like to learn a good method right from
the start ~ learning from your advise seems smart to me.

Thanks for your time.  If you are Balloon Images Magazine, I love your
publication and look forward to IBAC where I hope to find someone who can
direct me to obtaining several back issues.  Did I dial the correct
number?????  Just kind of kidding.


Jane Lemon, 
The Artistic Balloon