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Lynn Ann,

Get business cards and leave them everywhere, give them to everyone.  Also,
be confident when you speak about your work, people always know when someone
is unsure of themselves or their work.  Practice the techniques you sell.
Become a member of the Qualatex balloon network (, and begin
your balloon education.  Pick up the Bruce Walden instructional videos too.
Attend classes.  Subscribe to Weddings With Style, excellent magazine, top
quality & nice, people running it too.  Balloons & Parties is really good
too.  I have not seen an issue of Balloons n' Fun...yet...but, I hear it is
recommended.  Contact me if you would like contact info. for the magazines
or items I have suggested.

I know the education part doesn't really seem like promoting your business,
but, knowledge IS power & when you know what you are doing & the things you
can honestly provide for your clients, you will grow fast.

Tuxedo shops, bridal shows, florists, local malls, get a list of events for
your area & contact everyone on it & tell them about your decor and/or send
them a brochure with a few business cards in it, inviting them to pass them
along to others.  Because even if THEY don't need decor....they likely know
someone else that DOES.

These are the things I have done to grow my business and it grew almost too
quickly for me!  Because, I really wanted to stay small!  I don't want to
hire a staff, I would rather work collaboratively with others to accomplish
the big jobs.

Teri "Poppins" Michon

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>I am looking for some advice for starting a home based balloon business.  I
>have been doing balloon decorating for about a year but it is mostly for
>What is the best way to build a client base or to get my name out there?
>Any information would be greatly helpful.