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Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 01:37:50 EDT
Subject: Bruce Walden's Parade Float Video

We just finished viewing Bruce Walden's brand new Parade Float video that he 
did with Jim & Pat Skistimas.   All we can say is..... INCREDIBLE!!!   Not 
only is the video itself Bruce's usual great quality, but after viewing it, 
everyone's going to want to build a float for their own local parade.   Jim 
and Pat take you from the initial conception of 15 floats, through the 
construction of the framework, using the different media to create the floats 
and finally, the addition of the thousands and thousands of Qualatex balloons 
that bring the floats to life.   You'll even get to see the exhausted but 
"giddy" crew on the final day before the parade when they're having a ball 
driving the floats all over the convention center hall!

Thanks Bruce, Pat and Jim for sharing all of your experience and valuable 
knowledge with our industry.   ( And NO.....this is NOT a paid 
endorsement....just had to share our excitement!)

Smiles across the miles,
Wynn & Lindy Bell, CBA's