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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 16:38:58 -0500
From: Jackie Carlson <>
To: balloon <>
Subject: Re:  Carriage

Hi All!  The carriage that Wynn and Lindy have designed is so awesome I
can understand why any bride would want it to be part of their
occasion!!  But....the time and supplies involved has to be way more
than most brides would ever imagine.  Something like this takes a lot of
skill and experience to construct and I know that personally I couldn't
attempt it myself at this time, but.... I have done a carriage for a few
years now and saw the same style featured in the first issue of
"Weddings With Style"!  I don't know if you are a subscriber or not (if
not, consider it, it is wonderful!!), but it is not really that
difficult to do, mostly 2 heart walk throughs criss crossed in the
center.  This is a version that is a lot more practical for most bride's
budgets.  My hat is off to Wynn and Lindy for their horse and carriage
sculpture it is truly AWESOME!!!!!  Good Luck!!
Jackie Carlson
The Memories Collection