Continental Sales
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 12:50:40 +1100
Subject: PartyTimes UK

G'Day from Downunder,
To all who replied about the UK publication PartyTImes magazine. And a
special thanks to those of you who offered the kind words regarding my
occasional contributions to the BHQ.

I didn't manage to get an email address for the Editor, Andrew Maiden.
Here are the other details I do have.

"PartyTimes" magazine  - incorporating Balloon World.
Bi-monthly publication
US Subscription Rate - 45 Pounds Sterling.
Publisher - Plaza Publishing Ltd
First published (as "Balloon World") in 1994 ...... I think.
Editor - Andrew Maiden
3 Rectory Grove
London SW4 ODX
Telephone 44-0171-819-1200
Fax  44-0171-735-2009

I have picked up some great ideas from this UK mag. Very interesting to
see just how different the British operate compared to the USA and
Australian balloon industries. I have been very successful in adopting a
few innovative things I've learned from our peers in "Mother England".
From what I've seen, their balloon work is as good as any in the world.

With a copy of this trade mag - along with Images, Weddings With Style,
Balloons & Parties and BNFT ..... we all have (at our fingertips) the
most up-to-date trade advice - products available - business tips -
convention info - balloon techniques - marketing methods and photos to
provide creative inspiration ..... constantly. I find that the total
cost of annual subscriptions can often be recouped from just ONE idea I
learn from these essential trade "bibles". Enjoy the read and don't
forget to mention that you heard about them from a guy in Australia.
Don  Dixon CBA
(Crockadile - Don D)
Sydney  -   AUSTRALIA