membership - support balloon education
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 17:13:58 +1000
Subject: FW: "Balloons@Work" 
To: Balloon Headquarters <>

G'Day from Downunder,
Got a story to tell your peers overseas?
Would you like to be the subject of a written interview in a national trade
Want to promote your new products to balloon businesses Downunder?
News about your QBN Chapter?
An announcement of a convention, seminars, publication, balloon
Got a unique website?
Want to send in some portfolio pictures? 

For those of you unaware, I am (among other things) the editor and
publisher of Australia's national balloon industry newsletter
"Balloons@Work". I've been publishing the news for Aussie balloonies every
3 months for more than 4 years now. Local balloon businesses and florists
receive it FREE. It is merely a service to the industry where advertising
revenue covers the cost of production and national postage.

Email me PRIVATELY about (low) colour or B&W advertising rates, or our new
overseas subsubscription rates.

I'm looking for interesting copy and/or advertorial for regular departments
and new sections within our next issue. Want to see your work in print? Got
something to say / sell? Will only cost you a little time and an email to
me. Past contributors include; Don Cheeseman, Lindy Bell, Dan Flynn, Mark
Zettler, Sean O'Kelly, Rocky Toomey, Margaret Walker and others. Regular
advertisers include; Qualatex, Anagram, BSA, Premier balloons,
If we print your overseas contribution, I will post you a copy of that
issue and the next issue free. 
 Departments include;
* "Letters To The Editor" (opinions, praise, criticisms, concerns)
* "What's New" (100 words max. on new products, staff appointments,
education, trade shows etc)
* "QBN Corner" (networking between chapters and planned projects) 
* "Net Releases"  (internet and website trade info)
* "Un-inflated" (unplugged internet interviews with interesting balloon
personalities or newbies)
* "Classifieds". (equipment for sale, position vacant, business for sale
* "Contibuting Editor" (your article on marketing, a decor job, themes, new
trends, etc)

In the intertest of sharing balloon industry information and oportunities
internationally, the administrators of the BHQ have given me this once only
permit to post this request on the mailing list.    

Don Dixon  CBA
Business of Balloons Pty Ltd

Leading Supplier to Australian Balloon Professionals.
Publications, Balloon School, Videos, Balloons, Helium, Equipment, Decor
Enhancements & Accessories.