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Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 10:08:56 +1200
To: "Inflation Sensations!  Balloon Decor, Deliveries & Entertainment" <>,
From: Melissa Weenink-Smith <>
Subject: Re: Certified Ballon Artist Curriculum

Hi there,
I personally had 2-3 years experience in the balloon business before I
became a CBA. Every oportunity I had for education I snapped up! I attended
every basics class, even though I wasn't a beginner because I believed
there would always be something new, or some piece of information that I
could do with revisiting. Do you attend every education class in your city?
Do you belong to a QBN Chapter - If not join one, or indeed get together
with your peers and start one. In a forum like QBN Chapter you will learn

As for your comments about principles of design etc, many people I know
would not have come across a colour wheel or indeed been taught the
principles of design, so you are ahead of the rest by having some knowlege
in this area. We are all at different levels and in any teaching situation
we have to start at the beginning.

As for the value of being a CBA. Well I can only comment about the industry
in New Zealand. Becomming a CBA has been invaluable for me, my CBA status
has given me credibility with 'new' clients. Please remember the balloon
industry in NZ is relativly new, and Corporates etc that have big budgets
sometimes need a little reasurance.

I use my CBA status to be a conversation starter.. ie " ... 'you've got the
easy job!', is a common statement I get thrown at me, instead of being
afronted by this I use it as an opportunity to give them a Businesds card
and a brochure and I explain that I am a Certified Balloon Artist, and they
say "Whats that?" I then get to explain the examination process, the amount
of CBA's world wide etc, and they go away with a respect and understanding
of what I do.

So keep going, I guarantee that with each video you will learn, and also
don't expect the QBN/CBA tapes to teach you everything, only experience can
do that.

Good luck

Melissa Weenink-Smith CBA
President QBN Chapter
New Zealand

At 01:24 PM 9/26/98 -0600, Inflation Sensations!  Balloon Decor, Deliveries
& Entertainmen wrote:
>Hi!  All!
>I am wondering if there is anybody else out there working on the Qualatex
>Certified Balloon Artist curriculum?  I just just recieved my second test &
>the Design book by Gary Wells, and I am really disappointed.  There is
>really nothing in there that didn't already know.  I think the magazine
>Balloon Images has been more helpful to me than this, and if I didn't
>already know color & color principle, I could have picked that up at any
>graphic arts store or library.  I really thought that this curriculum would
>be better focused on designing, creating & assembly of table & room decor, &
>arrangements, instead of just showing you artists renderings & photos of
>jobs more advanced than a starting level "aspiring" balloon artist could do
>just by looking with the information provided in this curriculum.
>I realize that this is the curriculum I must use to do the CBA, but, geesh!
>There has got to be something better, something more detailed & more
>informative out there, so I'm counting on a little helpful advice from "you
>all".  I'm not knocking Qualatex in the least (I do however, think that the
>curriculum falls short and could certainly be better).
>I'm working really hard to develop myself & establish my business as
>professional balloon decorators, but, I really feel no more competent than I
>was the first day I opened the QBN box.  I've had a couple of big jobs, that
>came off very nicely, but only because we used our "gut" instincts &
>received advice from others in the business.
>So...nuff of the whinin'....can anybody please recommend books & videos that
>will fill in the gaps left by the QBN, CBA curriculum?  Also, how valuable
>do others on this list perceive the "CBA" to be, to you & your ability to
>function as a business & balloon professional?  Being in Colorado, every
>Ballooniversity is pretty far away, though I am trying to budget for one in
>the next 6-12 months.
>BTW- I think Qualatex is just great....maybe that is why I think they could
>do better =-)
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