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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 18:18:49 +1000
Subject: Re: Sarting Help

> I am opening a balloon business in about 3 weeks, in a local mall.  I am
> trying to research and learn everything I can.  I would appreciate any tips
> or words of wisdom I can get.  I am very interested in getting good videos
> that teach twisting and decorating.

Well Sally,
                       I've been doing this balloon thing for about 15 years now and I've learnt about so much well I like to think I have through socialising with my
peers. Don't get too hopeful that any tapes will tell you everything because as I'm sure you'll realise nothing teachers quite like the sobering voice of experience.
I'd suggest  that you do the QBN tapes like Don suggested , they will be your foundation. Then you move on to the Bruce Walden set (all 12 of them) they will be your bible.
Next I suggest you investigate the Link-O-Loon video which covers a product no one else has attempted yet.
I've directly mentioned these three offerings because I have personal experience with them and have learnt so much from all of them even at a time when I thought I knew it
You'll find that there are many others on the market either through the BHQ or read some of the signature tags on the list many people mention that they have tapes on
particular subject. Unfortunately I can't comment on them without the experience of watching them, well I could but it wouldn't really be fair.
I can only recomend one twister educational package being Larry Moss' Attack of the 50 foot Demon. This is perhaps a little advanced in it expectations of your abilities
but it is full of wonderful inspirational ideas.

Happy inflating,

Sean O'Kelly
Balloon Decor
Dingley, Melbourne, Australia