Protect Your Business with Affordable Balloon Twisting Insurance

Oct 23, 2023

Balloon twister insurance isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s a must in the U.S., where legal action can strike out of nowhere. And when you’re busy creating colorful wonders, the last thing you want is legal troubles raining on your parade. But in a world where the blame game is a popular sport, balloon artists like us can find ourselves in the crosshairs. That’s why understanding the ins and outs of balloon artist insurance is as crucial as mastering the art of balloon twisting.

Protecting Every Twist and Turn

Al Fellerman Insurance Agency/Clowns of the U.S. is a name you’ll hear often in our circles. They offer a lifeline – $1M liability and product coverage that renews every year on April 25. The fact that they cover balloon-related injuries and allow adding clients or fairs as additionally insured at no extra charge isn’t just peace of mind; it’s a selling point to land more gigs.

But here’s the kicker – even with a million in coverage, it’s aggregate. In simple terms, it’s a cap. Hit a million in claims within the year, and the safety net disappears. So, while balloon event insurance is a silent guardian, it’s essential to know its limits.

Reading the Fine Print

Now, if you’re like me, you’ve heard the whispers about companies backing out if they find you twisting balloons. And it’s a genuine concern. A policy without a product clause is a ticking time bomb because if a kid takes a balloon home and something goes wrong, you’re on the hook. Trust me, in a world where even a hug can land you in hot water, you want to be covered from every angle.

And here’s another nugget of wisdom – performer’s insurance might not have your back if you’re twisting balloons out of costume. So, always know the boundaries of your coverage.

Exploring Options

When I was diving into this, my eyes were opened to the flexibility of homeowners/renters insurance. And let me tell you! It’s a gem, especially for those of us running the show from our humble abodes. For me, State Farm was a winner, offering a million-dollar policy that didn’t just cover me but extended to my equipment, products, and even money at the business site.

And for those venturing into public shows, having a balloon twisting insurance policy isn’t just a safety net – it’s a ticket to play. The cost is a necessary evil, but always remember that it’s a pass-on cost, not a loss.

The World Clown Association (WCA) Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to Al Fellerman Insurance Agency/Clowns of the U.S., the World Clown Association (WCA) offers another option. Their comprehensive general liability policy is a safety net, but it is tailored for entertainers in general, not specifically for balloon twisters. Before you sign up, it is essential to understand what is covered. So, read the fine print and remember that every policy has its own nuances. Understanding these nuances is the difference between being on solid ground and stepping into a legal minefield.

A Balloon Twister’s Best Friend

In essence, balloon twister insurance isn’t just about having a policy; it’s about having the right one. In a world as colorful and unpredictable as ours, where every twist and pop comes with its own set of challenges, being insured means you can let your creativity fly without the shadow of ‘what if’ looming over your work. Your art deserves that freedom, and so do you. Here’s to creating fearlessly and to the peace of mind that lets our artistry soar!



What insurance do you need for a balloon business?
For a balloon business, you’ll need general liability insurance to cover any accidents or injuries that occur during your services. Additionally, product liability insurance is essential to protect against claims related to the balloons themselves, such as choking hazards. You might also consider professional liability insurance, business property insurance for your equipment, and workers’ compensation if you have employees.
Do you need balloon insurance?
Yes, having balloon artist insurance is crucial. It protects balloon artists and business owners from a range of liabilities, including injuries or accidents that occur during events, and issues related to the balloons themselves. Given the potential legal and financial risks associated with public events and the use of balloons, securing appropriate coverage provides peace of mind and financial security, allowing the focus to remain on creativity and client satisfaction.
What's balloon insurance?
Balloon event insurance provides coverage for balloon artists and businesses, protecting against various liabilities. It covers potential accidents or injuries occurring during performances or caused by balloon products. This specialized insurance is essential for financial security and legal protection, ensuring artists can focus on their craft without the stress of unexpected incidents or legal claims.
Do performers need liability insurance?
Absolutely. Liability insurance is essential for performers as it provides protection against claims arising from injuries or property damage occurring during performances. It safeguards the financial and legal well-being of the artist, ensuring that unexpected incidents during events don’t lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses or legal challenges. It’s a crucial aspect of responsible business ownership for anyone in the performance industry.
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