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Reviews Not in the Archives

  •     TITLE:      One balloon zoo / by Jimmy Davis.
        PUBL.:      Chicago : Magic, inc.,
        FORMAT:     32 p. : ill ; 22 cm.
        DATE:       1966
    Basic animals presented with clear explanations and excellent pictures. A couple of pages of general advice and banter.
    Figures: Basic Animal, Frosting on the Cake, Poodle, Sitting Poodle, Down Boy!, Dachshund, Giraffe, Mouse, Chihuahua, Rabbit, Elephant, Moose, Aardvark, Swan, Monkey, Octopus.

  • Davis, Scott. The Book of Advanced Balloon Art 1. pp. 1-48; MagiCraft Workshop; Clackamas, Oregon. Figures: Extra-Terrestrial, Motormonkey, Unicorn, Rabbit, Muscle-Man, Helicopter, Turtle, Dragon, Parakeet, Fat-cat, Pig.

  • Ralph Dewey, lots of titles. His books are really only pamphlets, but he has some of the most creative sculptures I've ever seen - they're really worth having. They are available from:
    Ralph Dewey
    1202 Wildwood Dr
    Deer Park TX 77536

    1976 Dewey, Ralph.
    Dewey's New Balloon Animals. pp. 1-46; Dewey's Good News Balloons; Deer Park, Texas.
    Figures: Fido, Giraffe, Wiener Dog, Mouse, Jack-O-Lantern (pumpkin), Horse, Flower, Skull, Ram, Reindeer, Monkey, Squirrel, Bee, Scorpion, Lion, Beagle on a Bike, Turtle, Elephant, Hippo, Rhino, New Mouse, Baby Bee.

    1978 Dewey, Ralph.
    Dewey's Zany Balloons. pp. 1-12; Ralph Dewey; Deer Park, Texas.
    Figures: Basic Dog, Giraffe, Dachshund, Mouse, Rabbit, Horse, Squirrel, Bee, Swan, Turtle, Apple, Tulip.

    1979 Dewey, Ralph.
    Dewey's Bubble Buddies. pp. 1-48; Ralph Dewey; Deer Park, Texas.
    Figures: Squirrel with a Nut, Cobra in a Basket, Hound Dog, Toady the Frog, Alley Cat, Hoot Owl, Duck in a Boat, Kangaroo with Baby, Monkey Shimmy, Snoopy on a Unicycle Juggling Three Balls.

    1981 Dewey, Ralph.
    Dewey's Balloon and Clown Notebook . pp. 1-52; Dewey's Good News Balloons; Deer Park, Texas.
    Figures: Albert the Alligator, Choo Choo Train, Parrot in a Perch, Bugsy Bunny, Cowboy, Swan and Egg, Knight, Stallion, jack Rabbit, Bubbles the Bunny, Invisible Balloon Dog, Frisky Mouse, Monkey Shimmy, Clown Catching a Ball, Wilting Flower, Thumb Trick, Divide and Conquer, Fourth of July, Blowhard, Make Me a Monkey, Horsefly (Pegasus), Parrot in a Perch Joke, Chicken, Eagle, Vulture, One-balloon Long Horn Steer, Improved Reindeer, Armadillo, Snail, Camel, Zaccheaus Shimmy, Jonah and the Whale, Sins Be Gone and the Gospel Clowns' Code of Ethics.

    1981 Dewey, Ralph.
    Dewey's Zany Balloons. pp. 1-36; Dewey's Good News Balloons; Deer Park, Texas.
    Figures: Trumpet, Umbrella, Pansy Flower, Birthday Cake, Cobra/Cutlass, Fishing Pole, Coyote/ Roadrunner, Big Flower, Flower Basket, Mutant Turtle, Bird & Cage/ Hat, Yankee Doodle Poodle, Triple Transformer, Sunflower, Giant Pacifier.

    1984 Dewey, Ralph.
    Dewey's Rubber Rascals. pp. 1-44; Dewey's Good News Balloons; Deer Park, Texas.
    Figures: Hugh-Mon-Bean, Wormy Apple, Rubber Glove Rabbit, Whirley Gig, God's Armor, Orbiting Quarter, Pink Panther, Big Thorn the Unicorn, Hugging Monkey, Little Birdie, Smurphy the Elf, E.T., Santa, Astronaut, Rubber Rose.

    1985 Dewey, Ralph.
    Dewey's Mammoth Multiple Balloons. pp. 1-28; Dewey's Good News Balloons; Deer Park, Texas.
    Figures: Dog/ Horse, Giraffe, Daschund, Goat, Reindeer, Moose, Moo Cow, Big Bug, Large Fancy Swan, Monkey, Balloon Bike, Hammer, Halo, Harp, Bow and Arrow.

    $14.95 Copyright 1996
    By Gerry Giovinco

    Includes:Basic Information and figures, Elephant, Alligator, Flower, Sword, Birds and Bees, Teddy bear, Poodle, Floppy-Eared dog, Floppy-Eared dachshund, Sitting cat, Sitting rabbit, Swan, Stegosaurus, Detailed horse, Rubber ducky, Turtle or ladybug, Tulip, Pig, Inserts or seeds, Hot dog with a meatball inside, Split twists and Pop twists, Letters and numbers, Monkey, Airplane, Motorcycle, Spiral, Cobra, Headband, Flapper hat, Indian hat, Daniel Boone hat, Pilot's headset, Space helmet, Space helmet with pom-pom, Wild antennae, Hairy hats, Bike helmet, Crown, King's crown and queen's crown, Super-Duper hat, Twist hat, Braided hat, Princess hat, Lightning bolt hat, Flower hat, Spiral hat, Super space hat, Mouse ears, Octopus hat, Monkey in a tree, Spartan hat, Heart hat, Basic heart shape, Lovebirds on a heart, Heart wand, Butterfly, Heart flower, Rosebud, The safety bubble, Penguin, Lobster, Mermaid, Bicycle, Octopus, Spider, Little red wagon, Big ol' Bear, Big ol' Cat, Crazy rabbit, Coyote or wolf, Mouse, Dippy duck, Beaks, wings, and tails, Finished stork, eagle, rooster, pelican, magpie, woodpecker, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Martian, Working for tips, Balloon vending, Balloon decorating, Using balloons as an entertainer.

  • Dooney's #4 (Hats and Such) by Dune Johnson

    The first 19 pages review the standard twists. Some of the hats include a basic 3 balloon hat, a ring toss hat (with "posts" that balloon rings could be tossed onto), another 3 balloon tri-pod hat, a ram's-horn hat (2 curly-Q's attached to a hat band), a bumblebee and butterfly hat (both require a little imagination to be recognizable), a catcher's mask, basic hats with animals attached. He also talks about putting numbers or letters on hats. And finally he devotes a few pages to balloon jewelry: balloons attached to glasses, pearl bracelets (many small bubbles in a row), ring, cuff link, and balloon lips. The book did not have very good instructions, and the drawings were very basic - at times it was difficult to tell how many balloons were used and to distinguish between a twist in a single balloon vs. a connecting twist between two balloons. All in all I would not recommend this book. It had a lot of stuff that I'd seen before and most of the rest could have been developed just by experimenting with a hat band and some "curly-Q" twists or "poodle tails". - Vince

  • The_260Q_Decorator_ by Marvin Hardy

    I'd recommend this book for easy to do decorations. The book is not full of balloon sculptures, but has beautiful examples of using 260s for large scale decorations, and nothing in it was difficult. It also contains an impressive owl sculpture.

  •     AUTHOR:     Joyce, Hope 1917-
        TITLE:      Holiday balloon bonanza / by Hope Joyce.
        PUBL.:      Sunset Beach, Calif. : Teacher Created Materials,
        FORMAT:     32 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
        DATE:       1983
        NOTES:      Reproducible, grades 1-6.
    Not our kind of balloon animals. It is just a bunch of stencils for 1-6 graders to help them cut out construction paper faces/clothes and paste them on round balloons

  •     TITLE:      Basic balloon sculpture / George Schindler;
                    illustrated by Allison Zak, Letty Avellan, and Rosetta Ferrson.
                    Balloon sculpture.
        PUBL.:      New York : Paragon-Reiss,
        FORMAT:     x, 86 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
        DATE:       1983
        SUBJECT:    Balloon sculpture.
        ISBN:       0910199019
        CONTENTS:   Bibliography: p. 83.
        NOTES:      Includes index.
    Beginning instruction in simple animals - 2 good pages of face/eye/detail ideas for highlighting your animals with markers, nice balloon-fruit-in-a-basket idea. Bibliography.

  • Troubles with Bubbles by Witkowski, Raymond 1988, pp. 1-52; New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.
    Figures: Duck, Snail, Lamb, Golf Club, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dragon, Grapes, Alf, Bears in Heart, Seal Balancing a Ball, Penguin, Butterfly, Slimer the Green Ghost, Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man, Goose, Flamingo, Toucan, Dune Buggy, One Balloon Trike, Yo-Yo, Fishing Pole with Fish, Cannon that Fires, Rainbow in a Cloud, Christmas Wreath


    I very much liked the videos. I have made the yellow bird, battery bunny, clown and dog. I have not made the penguin yet. The sound is much better than the other tape - I believe in the first video the balloons were between you and the mic. In this one the mic is on your head. I bought it as an instructional video and not really for entertainment although the interaction with the dog puppet was interesting. I particularly liked the detail on how to hold your fingers for tying the knot for the beak, other techniques, etc. When you see things in a book you have to figure it out from experience. THOSE hints are the specialty of the video. One was missed in narration as you make the battery bunny, you put your fingers in the hole in the geo and rotate it to enlarge the hole without any comment. A beginner might not pick up that "trick." You could have gone over the construction of the items in the 'technical section' faster as you were making them later in the tape (or have them pre-made) and construct the figure with a reference to the technical section. I think with some editing, you could have squeezed in another figure (but what would be for the next tape?). As an example you could have made the Tweety body and add the feet and have the beak premade with a reference to the technical section. It is not necessary to repeat since the tape can be rewound and replayed. Then show the drawing on the bird. For an enhancement you could start with the partially constructed Tweety and show how to add the white eyes since there is no need to fully construct another bird. IF the eyes are added and colored then you could hold up the two side by side and say 'yellow bird.' Personal opinion: I would like that better since I would rather have an additional character with editing of the tape. But then I am cheap (frugal, penurious). I'll look at my notes and comment further later.

    Keep up the good work.

    Larry Hirsch

    p.s. My friend, Ken Ahrens, came over and he has already made the Bird and penguin out of 350's -- they look good. The bird takes 2 yellow 350's and one or two orange ones. He really loves the tape. He wants a 16 inch geo to make the bunny and the Sailor Duck from WAY Cool balloons. We each made 350 Roger Rabbits at my house and I took one to work and gave it to a lady in personnel. The big figures are impressive as you can see on the web page. I really like the new format and corrections on the photo images. David.

SMB 10/15/99