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Meet the Balloon HQ Web Staff

Balloon HQ - Everything you ever wanted to know about latex and foil balloons for parties and entertainment.
Mark Balzer - Founder of the Guide To Balloons and Ballooning
Mark provides Web Development and Editing for the Guide. He is responsible for identifying Guide-worthy information from each and every post, and serves as an event photographer. Mark currently resides in Sunland (near Los Angeles), California USA.

Sheena K. Beaverson - Content Manager and Web Designer
Much of the 'look and feel' of the Balloon HQ web site has been designed by Sheena. She also serves as the Photo Administrator, does basic web page development and editing tasks, and serves as a columnist and event photographer. Sheena currently resides in Champaign, Illinois USA.

Larry Moss - BHQ Founder (1992) and Creative Director
Larry Moss is the Chief Administrator for BHQ. He is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and administration of all balloon mailing lists and their archives and many Web Development projects for BHQ. Larry also designed the Photo database and serves as an event photographer. Larry currently resides in Rochester, New York USA.

You can send e-mail to Larry at, or visit Larry's Home Page!)

Mark, Sheena, and Larry are co-owners of Balloon HQ, LLC.

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