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Balloon Twisting Seminar, Class Photo

Balloons and Teaching

When teaching, we have found that there were always one or two kids who seemed to be naturals at balloons.
- Unknown

Teaching Children

Teaching Children to Twist Balloons (or, "It's a Dog's Life")

Teaching Elementary School Children

Teaching Handicapped Children

Marvin L. Hardy, CBA writes:

Teaching Children to Decorate with Balloons

Fantasy Flower, Rose Wynn and Lindy Bell write:

General Advice

Teaching Adults to Twist Balloons

A Gathering of Balloon Twisters is a Jam

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced: Where Do I Belong?

What's differentiates a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced twister?

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced: Fundamentals

What twists and sculptures are generally considered "Intermediate", as opposed to "Beginner"? At what point should a sculpture be considered "Advanced"?

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced: Instructor's Point of View

The problems with skill levels and what to do about it.

How to best gage the average level of the class, in the shortest possible time, so as to get on with the teaching

A Hands-on Decor Class

Other Things You Need To Know

Suggested Curriculum Ideas

A Sample Curriculum for a 6 wk Class

Week 1 - One-balloon basics

Week 2 - Tricks of the Trade

Week 3 - Inflation Tricks

Week 4 - Multi-balloon hats

Week 5 - Multi-balloon critters

Week 6 - Costume party

(Have everyone bring refreshments and make their own costumes).

Some Other Suggestions For Your Classes

Any big project starts with inflation of balloons

Using Balloons as a Tool for Demonstration

A five foot diameter balloon makes a great visual impression

Balloons as Rewards

SKB 09/13/96
SKB 11/17/96
SKB 12/08/96
SKB 10/20/97
SKB 08/21/98
SMB 11/12/99

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