A tubular fabric produced by a “circular” method but with parallel spokes

A tubular fabric produced by spiral plaiting

another spiral

Here we describe a spiral plaiting method made popular by
Patty and Royal Sorell. It is a bit faster than the
circular method and is more convenient for making tubular fabrics.
Patty and Royal refer to this as gymping.

As in the circular weaving method, any number of balloons can be used to
start. In the example here, we will use 4 balloons. Twist two balloons
together with one inch bubbles at the ends.

Start of spiral weave
Make a one inch bubble in the third balloon. Attach it a few inches from
the first twist on one of the other balloons. Continue this way, adding
the fourth balloon, to the one previously attached.

Step 2
With all four balloons already attached, the first balloon will now be
connected to the fourth balloon.

Step 3
This process is repeated. Balloon 2 is connected to balloon 1. 3 is
connected to 2. 4 is connected to 3. 1 is connected to 4 again. If
bubble sizes are consistent, this will form a tube.

See a video clip demonstrating the
information on this page.