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Archive of Past Columns and Features

Balloon HQ Feature Photographs, 1999

January, 1999
February, 1999
hearts face
March, 1999
TJam small winner TJam medium TJam large
April, 1999
bubbles Marvin
May, 1999
parachute guy city scape
June, 1999
Great reef wedding cake
July, 1999
bidou Kees' dog
August, 1999
BHQ Centerpiece Contest: 1st Place Winner, Patrick Brown BHQ Centerpiece Contest: 2nd Place Winner, Anesa Vecciarelli BHQ Centerpiece Contest: 3rd Place Winner, Medelon Batteifer
September, 1999
There's nothing better than a Balloon Jam!
October, 1999
Spider, fly and spider web.  Troy Perry Scarecrow in a pumpkin patch.  Troy Perry
November, 1999
Autumn Centerpiece, created by Patty Sorrell Obelix costume created by Stephan Schüttken at the 1999 Euro Jam
December, 1999
Christmas ideas from IBAC '99 Reindeer directions and illustrations, by Donna Jaffke

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