Balloon HQ Featured Photographs

Mar 12, 2023


Balloon HQ Featured Photographs:
November Dance Floor Decor

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Photograph supplied by Sandi Hankins
This photograph shows Prom dance floor decor for a high school in Texas. Decor was created by Sandi and Stan Hankins of Love It! Balloon Decorations.
Dance Floor Decor for high school prom


Photograph supplied by Sue Ward
This photograph shows wedding reception decor for a 20 by 20 foot dance floor. Helium-filled dancing balloons floating about the floor on 2-foot straws.
The arches, columns and center pieces made a very large room warm and friendly. The column are topped by a 40-inch diamond clear balloon with stars, inflated to 36 inches. Decor was created by Sue Ward for her niece’s wedding.

Dance Floor Decor for wedding reception

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