Balloon HQ Members Gain Access to Great Services

Feb 24, 2023

Balloon HQ Members Gain Access to Great Services

Vanity E-mail and Web Addresses,, and

Present a more professional demeanor to clients without changing any of the internet services and software you already use. Get an e-mail address and web address that represent the professional community to which you belong. Everything will be transparently forwarded to your pre-existing addresses.

Example: Jane Balloonist, uses AOL as her internet service provider. Jane can now feature and on all her promotional materials. A BalloonHQ address conveys more meaning to potential clients than

If you switch internet service providers, there is no need to replace any of your promotional materials!

Automatically Create an On-line Portfolio

It can be difficult to maintain your own web site. Balloon HQ has made
that task easy. All photos that you upload will be displayed in your
personal portfolio, along with your contact information and your
personalized calendar or upcoming appearances. Distribute your portfolio
URL to potential clients. A Balloon HQ portfolio can be used either in
connection with your own web site or as a stand-alone web site.

If your BHQ email address is, your personal
portfolio will be found on the web at

If you are an experienced web designer and you want to use the power of the
BHQ photo database, but also want greater flexibility than basic portfolios
offer, you can use special code we provide to place your portfolio within
your custom web site. You can read more about
creating custom portfolios

Real-Time Picture Upload and Advanced Search Capabilities

Balloon sculpture is a visual art. You can now find examples of work that inspires you, and help build a community art gallery in real-time.

BalloonHQ members can search for balloon sculptures by event, artist name, image title, description keywords, and/or theme categories. Post enhancements to work in you’ve seen in the database, add feedback, and ask questions about the works of other artists.

Post Classified Ads and Upcoming Events is the largest interactive forum for balloon professionals in existence. Posting classified ads and balloon industry upcoming events ensures you will distribute your message as quickly as possible.

Participate in on-line Discussion Forums directly from the web site e-mail lists enable artists to communicate worldwide. A simple web interface allows members to post messages directly to the lists. There is no need to access your personal e-mail account while on the road.

Gain access to all of BHQ

Some areas of the site with special content are restricted to paid members.
Become a member and be able to access everything we offer.