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IBAC 2004:Competition winners

Competition Awards

1st place: Akari Tamaki, CBA
2nd place: Carol Fields, CBA
3rd place: Alessandro Patane, CBA
[17681: Chameleon, 1st Place Winner] [17680: Hoppy the Frog, 2nd Place Winner] [17678: Home Sweet Home, 3rd Place Winner]

1st place: Darryl White, CBA
2nd place: Alberto Falcone, CBA
3rd place: Vicky Kimble, CBA
[17603: Newton the Bear, 1st Place Winner] [17605: The Iron Gate, 2nd Place Winner] [17611: Incredi-balloon, 3rd Place Winner]

1st place: Julie Barnes, CBA
2nd place: Colin Myles, CBA
3rd place: Joelle Hadix, CBA
[17651: Baby Annabel, 1st Place Winner] [17650: Welcome to the World, 2nd Place Winner] [17656: Our Little Princess, 3rd Place Winner]

Wedding Theme

1st place: John Preston, CBA & Peggy Butland, CBA
2nd place: Mady Chiappetta, CBA
3rd place: Myong Hee Kim, CBA
[17729: Have Your Cake and Eat It, 1st Place Winner] [2nd Place picture here] [17731: Wedding Centerpiece, 3rd Place Winner]

1st place: Ann Hindle, CBA & Goha Cieslikiewicz
2nd place: John & Michelle Frailey, CBA
3rd place: Alberto Falcone, CBA
[17558: Belle of the Ball, 1st Place Winner] [17600: Sun vs. Moon, 2nd Place Winner] [17596: The Golden Pelican Pub, 3rd Place Winner]

Special Awards

New Artist of the Year
Kathi Gutierrez, CBA and Anthony Gutierrez, CBA

Awarded to the first-time competitor in the Large Sculpture competition that scores the highest number of points in the competition.
[17662: All Hands on Deck] [17724: Clearly in Love] [17602: Faberge Egg]

Designer of the Year
John Preston, CBA and Peggy Butland, CBA

Determined by the highest cumulative score from the Large Sculpture, Table Centerpiece, and Delivery Bouquet competitions.
[17660: Perry and Polly's New Arrival] [17729: Have Your Cake and Eat It] [17566: The Lady's Fantasy]

Crystal Award: BalloonHQ
Mark Balzer, Sheena Beaverson, and Larry Moss, CBA

Developed to recognize individuals whose efforts have directly impacted and perpetuated the growth of the balloon industry.
Balloon HQ is the 2004 IBAC 
Crystal Award Winner

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