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TJam 2003:Performance competition winners

Congratulations to these performance competition winners!

Cool balloon picture 4831

Third Place

Street: Sean Hughes - Twisting Behind the Back
Stage: Elmo Twist and Peaches

Second Place

Street: Jack Byrd - T Juggle 03
Stage: Don Caldwell

First Place

Street: Stacey Schmude - Dragonfly
Stage: Connie Iden-Monds, John Iden, Tim Huss and Sean Berry

Performance Category Definitions


Each contestant receives a maximum of two minutes to entertain the audience, twist a sculpture, or do anything a balloon entertainer might do on the street in a performance situation.
Everyone in the audience (except contestants) will gets a score sheet to give each act a 1 to 10 score. It is suggested they score by how much they enjoyed each 2 minutes bit but is up to them. Going over 2 minutes is disrespectful to the other contestants and it is reflected in the score.


Performers have a maximum of 7 minutes to entertain the audience. The focus is on balloons but any props may be used. The purpose of this contest is to determine the best stage performers.
Five judges were selected by the convention organizers/BalloonHQ. The judges consist of balloon professionals and lay persons. Scoring is broken down into:
Presentation, up to 40 points.
Technical skills, up to 25 points.
Originality, up to 15 points.
Use of balloons, up to 20 points.

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