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Twist & Shout:Competition winners

Congratulations to these competition winners!

Third Place

Small: Frank Chaisson - Elvis
Medium: Rie Hosokai - Bee Hive
Large: Sheree Brown-Rosner - (shark tank)
Stage: Willie Monroe

Second Place

Small: Asuka Hara - Apple and Mouse
Medium: Tim McConeghy - Truck
Large: Mark Verge - Knight and Stead
Stage: Atchoum

First Place

Small: Ed Chee - Dora's Island
Medium: Vicky Kimble - A Slice of Life
Large: Rie Hosokai - Oriental Lady
Stage: Brian Asman


Rie Hosokai

David Grist Memorial Award

Ralph Dewey

Balloon Excellence Awards

(These are not a part of T&S, but were presented at this event by Ralph Dewey)
Balloon Excellence Ambassador - David Grist
Rising Star - Bonnie Davis
Career Contributor - Bertand Charlot (Bidou)
Trail Blazer - Larry Moss!

Competition Category Definitions

Small Sculpture

Must fit into a box measuring 12 x 12 x 12 inches.

Medium Sculpture

Must fit into a box measuring 30 x 30 x 30 inches.

Large Sculpture

Must be able to easily fit through the double doors leading into the competition room (without dis-assembling any components or compressing the finished piece). The doorway is approximately 8 feet.

Stage performance

Competitors present an act within a 12 minute time period for all Twist & Shout attendees. The performance must feature balloons.

Top Twister

The person whose sculpture(s) receive the most votes (combined from all three size categories) of the Artistic Figure competition is designated as the Twist and Shout 2004 'Top Twister'.


Artistic Figure Categories are judged by the Twist and Shout attendees. Each attendee will get one vote in each category. There are no rules regarding subject, types of balloons, or use of non-balloon materials. Judges consider good technique, attention to detail, uniqueness of subject material, style of presentation, and more.

The stage competition is judged by a panel of seven judges selected by the Twist & Shout organizers. Judges are selected based on their knowledge and experience in the areas of twisting and entertainment. They look for presentation, twisting skill, use of balloons in the show and audience response.
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