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People's Choice: Glen LaValley, Ogre
3rd Place: Emily Strunk, Butterfly
2nd Place: Junko Niiyamo, Little Red Riding Hood
1st Place: Glen LaValley, Ogre

People's Choice: Debbie Stevens
3rd Place: Yukari Obayashi
2nd Place: Emi Jingu
1sr Place: Debbie Stevens

Stage Entertainment Competition
People's Choice: Mandana Moshrefzadeh
3rd Place: Danny Schlesinger
2nd Place: Andrea Noel
1st Place: Mandana Moshrefzadeh

Three Minute Artistic Sculpture
3rd Place: Fred Harshberger, Rose
2nd Place: Scott Nichols, Gun
1st Place: Antonio Becares Rodriguez, Twisted toy

Twelve Minute Artistic Sculpture
3rd Place: Derek Wong, Beaver
2nd Place: Dustin Queary, Dragon
1st Place: Antonio Rodruguez, Butterfly

Hairband Artistic Sculpture
3rd Place: Holly Hopper
2nd Place: Carolynn Hayman
1st Place: Dominic Hunter

Uninflated Artistic Figure
3rd Place: Kristal Yee, Teddy Bear
2nd Place: Janis Hastings
1st Place: Rie Hosokai, Sweet House

Small Artistic Figure
3rd Place: David Lima, Feeding Jonah
2nd Place: Nancy Dalton, The Black Sheep
1st Place: Matt Falloon, Feeding the Family

Medium Artistic Figure
3rd Place: Emi Jingu, Happy Toy
2nd Place: Andrea Noel, Life Aquatic
1st Place: Colin Myles, Princess Carriage

Large Artistic Sculpture
3rd Place: Mike Blumenthal, I am Balloon
2nd Place: Phileas Flash, Balloon Dogs Playing Poker
1st Place: Dustin Queary, How to Train Your Dragon

David Grist Memorial Award: Debbie Stevens

Top Twister: Dustin Queary

Twist & Shout 2016 will be announced at a later date.  Stay tuned!

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