Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy maintains very little information about our users and their use of our services. The following is the personal information kept by us and how it is used:

  • Email addresses of users that have signed up for our forums.
    We never add anyone to our forums/mailing lists manually. Users must add themselves via email or the web site.
  • Name, business name, and contact information (including but not limited to email, phone, address) for all users that have chosen to list themselves in the online directory of artists and suppliers. Only information provided by users expressly for the purpose of being listed in this public directory ever appears here.
  • Content provided by users.
    Content, including forum postings, event listings, classified ads, photos and videos are maintained online and are viewable and searchable by others. This is information provided by our users with the express intent of sharing it. Whenever possible, shared content is listed with the contributor’s identifying information in order to credit and acknowledge the submission. We do not accept anonymous contributions.

Except where expressly described above, we do not share our users’ information with others. In other words, if you contribute to the community, we do our best to keep your name associated with your contribution. Anyone can search the directory and site for info readily shared by our users. We do not share/sell/distribute user contact information in any other forms.

Tracking of users on our site

  • System logs. We maintain log files of activity on the site that may identify information about the type of computer, browser, and IP address you have used to connect to our system. This is used for diagnostic purposes and to help us determine general use of the system for troubleshooting, maintenance and development purposes only.
  • Browser cookies. Cookies are used to maintain user sessions to ease use of the system by our users. We do not use these cookies to track our users.
  • Google analytics. We make use of Google Analytics to help us gather anonymized use of our system to help us understand general usage and to share with our sponsors.
  • Social Media Pixels and Tracking Code. We use tracking codes to better understand our users to build advertising audiences and to inform advertising platforms such as Google and Meta.
  • Amazon Affililate Code. This website participates in the Amazon Affiliate program and code provided by Amazon may be excuted during your visit which uses identifying technology so that we can be paid for the sales we refer to Amazon.