Status of BHQ services

Status of BHQ services

23 October 2003 – As of a couple days ago, the digest form of the mailing lists have returned to what we believe is a fully operational state. We’re watching it closely, but we’re confident this time that all of the recent problems have been resolved. We have completely replaced the mail system being used. If you experience any problems with the mailing lists, please let us know. Some email is still being delayed due to our server being inundated with spam and the increase in filtering required to keep the lists clean. We are working on this issue now. In the mean time, using the web interface for posting to the forums to ensure rapid delivery of your messages.

14 October 2003 – Some people aren’t receiving the digest again. The good news is that we actually know what’s wrong now and we’re working on a solution. As always view the stuff you’ve missed on the web until this is completely resolved.

25 September 2003 – We think the digest problem is fixed. Please report any problems you experience with any BHQ service.

23 August 2003 – digest problems are back. Some people are not receiving digests every day. The reflectors are still working properly and all mail is being archived, so digest readers are encouraged to read them on the web:

21 August 2003 – message sent to Email Forums by L. Moss about delayed posts

7 August 2003 – The mailing list problems seem to be solved now. We’ve had several days of uninterrupted service on both the reflector and digest forms of the list. We are still keeping a close eye on it. If you are experiencing any problems with the lists, please let us know.

1 August 2003 – The mailing lists are currently exhibiting problems. Most messages sent in to the lists right now are being distributed. However, a few messages get lost without sending an error report to the author of the message or the BHQ administrator. The digests are being sent out erratically. We are looking into both problems.

As far as we know, all other BHQ services are working properly. If you know of a problem that we are not aware of, please report the problem to us so we can fix it as quickly as possible.