Date: Sat, 1 Jun 96 07:56:53 -0500 (CDT)
From: (John M. Holmes)
Subject: Re: 6 balloon braided heart

Bizzy writes,

>Excuse me, but I didn't understand the 6 balloon braided heart with your
>busines cards comment.  Could you please describe in detail?
>Thank you,

I'll try it again.
        \/   /  \
        /   /\  /
       /   /  \/
       \  /\   \  BRAID
        \/  \   \
        /   /\  /
       /   /  \/
       \  /\   \
        \/  \   \
        /   /\  /
       /   /  \/

      |        |  CARD

   First, take three fully inflated, slightly burped, & tied off 260's.
twist off a 1 to 2" bubble on each. Twist these together, so that all three
260's are joined. Just as you would braid hair, rope, or anything, braid
the three 260's . When you reach the end, join this end as you did the
other. Now do the same with three more 260's. At this point you should have
two braids.
   Bend the ends in on one end only of each braid, so as to make them look
like candy canes. Join the bent ends together by twisting the three bubbles
of one in with the three bubbles of the other. Do the same with the unbent
ends. You should now be holding a 6 balloon braided heart.
   On the inside of the heart, place the business cards between each of the
folds, on each of the sides, so as to display them.
   Anchor the heart to a chair, table, railing, or some handy, stationary
item with scraps of balloon &/or plastic balloon straws.
   I'm telling y'all, this really works!!!